Friday, August 31, 2007

Electronics Woes

Having made a couple of recent purchases of various electronic components, I've learned a couple of valuable lessons. First: sucks when it comes to tech support. Second: Don't ever buy a USB flash drive (thumb drive) from Centon; their products are pieces of junk.

I purchased a wireless adapter card for my son's desktop from, and it came with no driver, instructions, or anything. I contacted the geeks via their online contact form, and have as yet to receive a response (going on two weeks now). I ended up going to the manufacturer's website and downloading the necessary driver and installation instructions. Thanks geeks.

I also recently purchased a 4 gigabyte
USB flash drive made by Centon. It seemed like a great deal at the wary of "great deals" when it comes to electronics. Their thumb drive seems to get tired when copying large files to it. It will download a bit, stop, rest, download a bit more, and then rest some more. Heck, my old 512MB drive was lightning fast in comparison. I'm waiting for a response from them as to whether or not they have an updated driver for the damned thing. The problem with that is, when I try to use it on another computer, that latest driver won't be installed. I think I bought a piece of junk. Great features, combined with horrible performance, adds up to a piece of junk.

From now on, when I find myself in need of any type of electronics, I will NOT cut corners. I'll stick with reputable manufacturers, and high-end products.

In the mean time, I'm going to see how far my slingshot will launch a 4GB thumb drive from my 9
th floor balcony.

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