Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dallas Tactical Supplies Rocks

I recently ordered Hogue grips for my M9 pistol and M4 Carbine from a business that goes by the name of Dallas Tactical Supplies. They had what I needed for my military weapons, their prices were fair, and they ship to FPO addresses. I still cannot imagine why other vendors that sell military tactical supplies wouldn't ship to FPO's, but there are those that don't. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

I received an email from DTS confirming my order immediately. I also got a rapid response to my email to them regarding shipping. My order got here in less than a week! For those that are unfamiliar with the mail situation in Okinawa, that's lightning fast.

I'm tickled pink by my experience with Dallas Tactical Supplies, and fully intend to spread the word among my fellow Marines. They are indeed a top-notch business that cares about customer satisfaction. I'll be turning to them in the future with any needs that I have for military gear.

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Rory Tipton said...

Hi there, I just wanted to provide an update to Dallas Tactical Supplies. I bought the business last year after the name changed to Gun Gear Usa. I know Mike did a a fabolous job running the company and we hope to do the same. Our focus is also on service and quality. We ship fast and we ship to APO addresses. too. My wife and her family are former military and we are proud to serve those who served, or are still serving, for us and this country.

I encourage everyone to check us out at and PLEASE feel free to send any comments or suggestions to

Thank You,

Rory Tipton