Friday, April 4, 2008

Week In Review

This week was pretty routine. It's been four weeks since I quit smoking, and I'm considering this habit officially kicked. It's amazing how much better I feel (except for the sore ribs...that's still lingering).

My wife is still recovering from surgery on her wrist (see last week's review for more info), and it's a slow process I guess.

My kids start their Spring Break on Monday, and I start firing on the pistol range. I'll be shooting that wonderful (yeah, right) piece of gear known as the M9 all week. Now that they've upgraded the magazines, it's not quite as prone to mis-feeds, but I still wouldn't trust it in a harsh environment. It's still a nice shooting weapon under ideal conditions though.

I've been doing the cooking, and most of the cleaning, since my wife only has one paw to work with. I'm eager for her to get back at it. My culinary skills are a bit limited, and the menu has been a bit boring lately. Granted, the red beans and rice was pretty good on Thursday, but that was the highlight of the week.

The weather this weekend is overcast and crappy, like almost every weekend here, so I've got that going for me. I'm sure that on Monday (when I'm back at work), the weather will be beautiful.

How was your week?

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