Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Hobby?

I suppose that most people are wetting themselves over the Clinton, McCain, Obama mess. Knock yourselves out; they all appear to be career politicians to me.

In the mean time, I've taken up a new hobby. It's called Geocaching, and it's a lot of fun. It consists of going out (yes, outside, in the sun) and finding little cahces of things that people have hidden and reporting your finds on the website It really is more fun than it sounds like.

I've only found three, and one of them took three visits to the site to figure it out. Here's the deal:

Somebody places a "Geocache" in a hiding spot. They then go on the website and post the coordinates (lat and long, or UTM), and you go out with a GPS unit and find the Geocache. The cache usually consists of a few little trinkets, and a logbook that you sign in on. You can take an object out, as long as you put one in. There's even trackable things that people can use. The trackable objects have their own web pages where you can see where they go, and have been. Pretty neat, in a simple sort of way.

Once you find one of these things, you can go log your find, enter what you took/left, and see what other folks had to say about that particular treasure hunt. All in all, it's a neat way to see parts of Okinawa that I haven't seen yet. I can also involve my wife and kids in it.

I think this Geocaching thing is going to be a keeper. Go to the website, give it a try, and don't whine when you can't find your first one.

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