Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sleep Disorders?

Apparently, I say some of the dumbest things when I'm asleep, or just on the verge of sleep.

I used to wonder if I talked in my sleep. Apparently my wife can get me to speak a bit when I'm extremely tired, or a bit out of it, but she can only get me to come up with utter gibberish.

A few nights ago, I had gone upstairs to change my clothes, and I must have decided that it was a great time to lay down and doze off. My wife eventually came upstairs, noticed that my alarm clock was not set, and began asking me what time to set it for (isn't she considerate?). At first, she didn't get much of a response out of me, but I then I answered, "Puppies."

She again said, "John, I asked what time to set your alarm for!"

"I said PUPPIES," was my stern reply.

She retorted with, "Well, I'm just going to set it for 5:30 then!"

"Then why did you wake me up then?" I asked...

She was absolutely thrilled with that response, I'm sure of it.

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