Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson...Really?

    Loving father...

Is it just another publicity stunt? I guess not; Michael Jackson actually died. His entourage stated that it was possibly a heart attack (not drugs?), but I don't really give a damn how he died, as long as he didn't take somebody else with him.

I keep seeing all of this hoopla and crap on the news about it. Why? I don't normally speak ill of the now-decomposing, but I will certainly speak ill of the idiots that are fawning all over his long-dead career. This guy, for quite some time now, has only been famous for being a child predator, and acting moderately insane. "But John, he was acquitted!" So was OJ.

All of these idiots that are saying crap like, "Oh Michael; You'll be missed!" piss me the hell off. What kind of dope are they smoking? How can he be missed when he hasn't done anything worthwhile in more years than most of his fans can count? Some people have some seriously screwed up priorities. The guy was a creep; get over it.

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