Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week In Review

This week was a little more relaxed, with one exception: I had a final exam in my economics class. I think I aced it.

My wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I guess this means that we're serious about each other, right?

We ate at a place called Sauce Live (website here). The food was
wonderful. The theme is southern soul, and the menu is dominated by barbecue and traditional southern sides. We both had the ribs and chicken dinner, which came with fried potatoes, an amazing coleslaw, and a soft drink. Since this was our first visit, the owner brought us a complimentary order of hot wings to start us off. They were not like most "buffalo" wings, as Sauce Live has their very own hot sauce. Those wings were great, and I wish the place was closer to our house!

On Saturday, I took my wife and daughter to a local Okinawan optometrist to get new glasses. Going out in town is much less expensive than trying to buy glasses at the place on base (gotta love AAFES). The Okinawan couple that run the shop we went to are really nice, and their English is excellent.

A pretty slow week, but Friday's dinner with my wife was nice. How was your week?


Gary said...

Where is this place? The only 'BBQ' we had was when some Ketchup spilled onto some meat in the chow hall.

Did you take those pics with htat new camera of yours? Looks like Shrimpies in the background... and lots of white bread.

AFFEES. What a joke. One would think that vendors on a military post would consider the typical wage earned by the average GI, and set their price points accordingly.

Though Electronics were always cheaper on base than in town. I still have my Bose 501s from 1979. They serve as end table these days though.

Flying to Chicago on Tuesday for a job interview on Wednesday, and the a return flight back to John Wayne Thursday morning. Supposed to be sub zero temps next week; just a little cooler than SoCal.

Can you send me the 14 principles and 11 (???) of leadership via email? If I go to work for the Gunny, I'd like to be a step ahead.

Gary said...

HA! questions answered after clicking on the link.

"...and they occupy almost all of our seats on weekends and after paydays on the first and fifteenth of each month..."

LOL! sounds like Whisper Alley.

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Happy Anniversary!

"My Point" said...

Ahhh YUM!

BTW: Congrates! I have 19 and its awesome! I love her more everyday.

SJBill said...

Shiite! I finally figured out how to leave a response since you changed the format.

Hapy Anniversary! It has to be tougher while you're serving than with us on the outside.

The dinner looks great - formal like it should be!