Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bold Statement about Our Society

I was poking around a social networking site today and saw someone's link about an upcoming "documentary" on ESPN.  Now, while I enjoy watching certain sporting events, I would hardly consider professional sports to be the nucleus, or center of gravity of our nation.  Some folks believe differently.

A friend of mine mentioned the date, which is the title of the film, mentioned O.J., and stated that he still remembers where he was that day.  I can vaguely recall thinking, why are people so fascinated with this?

Why indeed?  Why are so many people obsessed with the woes of celebrities?  Where is the outcry over being cheated?  By cheated, I mean that a large number of folks looked up to O.J. as some sort of role model; they then proclaimed that he cannot possibly be a murderer because he was quite good at playing football.  This reminds me of the heated cries of support for a wacko child predator; he couldn't possibly be a bad guy because he was once pretty darned good at singing and dancing.  

These public displays of misplaced loyalty and admiration are a disturbing indicator. 

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