Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone that stumbles across this little blog.  It is my sincerest wish that all Americans take a moment to remember exactly what this holiday is all about.

Here is a link that every American should be forced to click: Declaration of Independence.

The text of this historic document is eerily poignant in this day and age.  What's worse is that there are U.S. citizens that vote, and have no idea what this document says.  There are also citizens that pay no attention to the origin of this holiday.

Our nation is not old; it is a child in comparison to many others.  We do, however, have the best one on the planet.  Some politicians, nay most politicians, are trying to change that. Far too many elected servants are trying to turn our nation into the very thing that we declared our independence from! 

Like every other Marine, I have written a blank check to all of you.  I have agreed to defend your right to do just about whatever you want, even incredibly stupid things.  The amount of that check will be filled in whenever I get done serving in this gun club.  I've agreed to pay up to, and including, my very life.  I really do feel that strongly about our nation, and its origins. 

A group of patriots that met in Philadelphia in 1776 felt just as strongly as I do.  I wish that more people would remember their pledge and sacrifices on the occasion of this annual celebration.  Enjoy your cookouts and camping trips.


morningglory2 said...

Happy Independence Day, Gunny! Thanks to you and all the other service men and women who make this day a reality year after year.

Miss Em said...

I not only have read it but have a copy of it that will soon find a place of HONOR on my Marine Corps Book shelves for all who enter can read.

Have a Blasting and Booming 4th of July Birthday Celebration.

Miss Em
An older that dirt civilian that loves her Marines dearly.

Bushwack said...

And we thank you for that check you wrote...

Exactly, more folks should be aware of the hardship men faced to get to where we are. Those in office now are so quickly forgetting the basics that soon, NOBODY will remember. It's up to us to educate those clueless souless fools that think we just magically appeared...Use a hammer or a crow bar if necessary!

cary said...

Hope you had a bang-up Fourth, Marine.

I remember one of my most memorable celebrations was at a certain live-fire range in the middle of an American desert with lots and lots of tracers and air cover, including Puff.

This one was quiet, with the most excitement occurring in the movie theater that was showing Toy Story 3.

Thank you for your service, thank you for the reminder of why we served, and if you ever need help covering that check, let me know. I still have some resources in that account myself!

radar said...

Thanks, Marine! I am an Army man, son of Army, father of Army and back in the day I would call you a jarhead and you would call me a doggie (or worse) and back in the States around a pool table that might mean trouble. But when men must stand to protect our country we are brothers. The rivalry that I remember from my military days is gone. All I know and believe now is that you are, as you say, writing a blank check so that my family may yet live in freedom. So you have my respect and my thanks and may you come home on two legs in one piece having done your duty and stood tall! Semper Fi...