Friday, January 21, 2011

Stupid--Don't Get it On You

I was browsing through some of the stuff that people post on a particular social networking site, and came across yet another case of terminal stupidity.  Dumbassery just doesn't go away these days, since there are endless barriers in place to protect the stupid people from themselves (lawsuits for hot coffee being hot is a prime example).  

So a certain person posted something on their site about drivers flicking cigarette butts out of their car windows and how much they are annoyed by that.  The original poster's friend then posted a comment stating that we should all call 911 to report these offenders for littering when we see it...Really?  911?  

That person votes, breeds, and drives.  Comforting, isn't it? 


Dan O. said...

What people will call 911 for is beyond ignorance. EVERYTHING is a f*cking emergency these days.

Miss Em said...

Maybe we should get Texas Ghostrider to yell using the microphone/speaker system in his unmarked car.
Worked on the street litterer...maybe ??

Miss Em

cary said...

"OMG! I broke a nail! Call 911!"

Don't laugh, I've overheard that (and similar, over-the-top, dialbackyourhistrionicsplease declarations) by the teenybopper girls in the malls.

Makes a guy want to stay home and not go out in public.

Gary said...

Well, while riding at freeway speed, I took a lit cigarette butt in the forehead. Thankfully, I had glasses on.
It still hurt like a son-of-a-gun, but alas the driver would not pull over at my request...