Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Review: In the Company of Heroes by Michael Durant

 Chief Warrant Officer Michael Durant was piloting a Special Operations Blackhawk helicopter over Somalia when he was shot down on October 3rd, 1993 and subsequently captured by the forces of Somali warlord Mohamed Aidid.  This book is Durant's recounting of his time in hell.

This book impressed me with it's accuracy and with Durant's modest writing style.  He doesn't praise himself nearly enough, which is refreshing.  He does, however, sing the praises of those that he served with, especially those that gave their lives trying to save him.  

This is a powerful story, and the book is very well done.  It sheds a small sliver of light onto the dark world of special operations, and it illustrates the bonds that warriors have.  Durant's memories and notes come alive in ways that will make you cringe one moment, and laugh the next.  He's got a talent for telling a story.

I recommend this book with enthusiasm; it's well worth your time.


cary said...

Hadn't planned on watching "Hereafter" because that whole genre just doesn't appeal to me.

However, a well written novel of historical importance? Yup, I'm all over it.

Just John said...

Cary, this book is a good one, and it might make you wipe your eyes for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Bought this on my Nook and already love it after 5 pages!!!