Friday, November 2, 2007

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Last night was my unit's Marine Corps Birthday Ball. A good time was had by all, including my "date." Once again, my daughter accompanied me, and she was a big hit.

I was the Commander of Troops for the ceremony, and I didn't booger the sequence of events too badly (kidding, it went off without a hitch).

PAO (Public Affairs Office) had a couple of Marines there taking copious photographs, and they took a few of my daughter and me dancing. I hope to get copies soon.

In keeping with the tradition of the Ball, the younger Marines were well behaved, and they minded their manners until the C.O. departed. Once the C.O. left, somebody told a group of young Leathernecks that were congregating around the keg that, "Elvis has left the building." The young warriors then rolled the keg out onto the dance floor, and the festivities began in earnest. Nobody got out of hand, and our entire unit had a great time celebrating our Corps' 232nd birthday.

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