Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moving Sucks

Don't you just love moving? I hate it. It's official; it sucks. I've done it plenty of times while a member of this gun club, but this one beats them all. We have one week; start to finish. That's our timeline. Joy.

We've moved out of the "projects," and into a house that has an extra bedroom. Since we were in a high-rise building, it will be nice to have a yard. We'll also have neighbors that are closer to our age and, perhaps, not as slovenly as the pigs that we lived with in our last housing.

Our new house is currently stacked with boxes, and we have a ton of unpacking to do (well, three tons actually...that was the final tally of the weight). My wife will be going over to the old house in the morning to clean, while I stay at the new house to shuffle boxes around, unpack, and make room for our shipment of furniture that is arriving sometime tomorrow. More joy.

I must have a short memory. I must have forgotten how much I hate moving. Perhaps there's a chemical in the cardboard that makes me forget...or I'm just forgetful.

I also started my next term at school this week. Well, the term started anyway. I didn't exactly start anything, except moving three tons of crap from one house to another. I'll get some school work done sometime this week, I hope...now which box did I pack those books in...one of the brown ones maybe...

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