Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq War Anniversary

Well, the anniversary of our invasion of Iraq has arrived, and the earth is still turning, the sun still rose, and the birds are still singing. What a shock.

It would seem that the "hordes" of protesters haven't had much effect yet, and I doubt that they will. Of course, it IS possible that the President will emerge from the White House, see a few hippies with poorly worded protest signs, and say, "You're right hippies; I think we'll go ahead and give up in Iraq." I'm not going to bet in favor of that though; it just doesn't seem likely.

Five years ago, I was crossing the border from Kuwait into Iraq as a member of an infantry platoon with 1st Marine Division...what a great time that was. This anniversary brings back memories, both good and bad, that I hadn't thought much about since, well, probably this time last year. Yes, there are indeed some good memories from that time, most of which revolve around coming home.

I had read that there were going to be massive protests here in Okinawa by various left-wing groups, but it just hasn't happened. Thankfully, when protesters do materialize here in Okinawa, they're very courteous and polite. I'm not going to lose any sleep over protesters, since there's always one group or another protesting something.

It's odd how a date that marks the anniversary of a significant event in our history is often used by some as a political tool...kind of like a couple of former Presidents at a famous funeral a couple of years ago...

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