Friday, March 28, 2008

Week In Review

This has been an interesting week. It began normal enough, with me still nursing sore ribs.

Tuesday was spent at the hospital with my wife having surgery on her wrist. She's got some bitchin' new titanium hardware to get scanned at the airports! She's recovering well, and hopped up on high horsepower pain killers.

Bob got his picture taken at the obstacle course on Camp Hansen, and some of the Marines that were in the area thought it was a pretty neat idea...after they realized that I wasn't nuts.

Thursday included a "class" at the theater on our government credit card (used for travel). After 90 minutes, the only new information that I had in my possession was that B of A is going away, and Citibank will be the new provider. That was an hour and a half of my life that was wasted, and I'll never get it back. How nice. Knowing that, I wonder if Citi's stock will go up?

Today we had company PT. My ribs told me that I should have just gone to the gym and taken a leisurely ride on the bike. I decided to go on the run...I don't recommend that to anyone. As one of my past mentors was fond of saying, "There's a fine line between hard and stupid."

Tomorrow, I have a wedding to attend, and some Bob roaming to do. Sunday is up in the air.

How was your week?

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