Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mr. Mom and Week In Review

I guess this is a "two for one special." I didn't update last week, and much has happened. My wife had to fly back Stateside for a family emergency. I am now "Mr. Mom." In addition to missing my wife, I also have the pleasure of trying to do her job; I'm not as good at it as she is.

My son had his first track meet today. I dropped him off at 0800, went and got a cup of coffee at the PX, and got over to the field by about 0900 (when the meet was supposed to start). At 1420, he was finally done with his last event, and I was sufficiently sunburned. Since I was wearing sunglasses, I now have that stupid raccoon look.

My sis had a speaking engagement, and it sounds like she hit it out of the park. Way to go.

I had to drop one of my students for unprofessional conduct. It's disappointing when that happens, but the sheer odds of somebody doing something stupid almost guarantee that it will happen again someday. I hate to say it, but maybe some folks just need to pack their trash and find another line of work. I say that one moment, and then remember how we used to handle such matters several years ago; things have certainly changed.

I took my students on a little "intro run" around the base. Some of them are here from other locations (Korea, main island of Japan, etc), and they are unfamiliar with the layout of the base. I made sure to run by the chapel, the chow hall, the medical clinic, etc. I had my Garmin Forerunner watch on, and when the smoke settled, we had covered 7.1 miles. I felt great and wanted to keep going, but the students were not feeling it. It was good to get them out there and challenge them. Most of them are unaccustomed to running more than about four miles, and this was a good "welcome aboard" moment for them. They can curse me at their leisure.

How was your week(s)?


Elaina M. Avalos said...

Good week. Just trying to get ready to go back to California. Maybe not for good but at least for the next few years. My storage unit in Jacksonville was quite the mess so I've had to go back every couple days and work on that. Such a hassle!!!

But life is good! Hope everything is okay with your wife and the emergency situation. I'm sure you're doing just fine being Mr. Mom. But it's always good to appreciate what our loved ones do by being in their shoes for awhile, eh?

kris said...

I can't help thinking of my fav (fictional) Col:

"And now I'm thinking,Col. Markinson, that your suggestion of transferring Santiago, while expeditious and certainly painless, might not be, in a matter of speaking, the American way. Santiago stays where he is. We're gonna train the lad"!

Anonymous said...

My week couldn't have been better. Pulled handcarts with the kids at Church for three days like pioneers of old!