Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week in Review 14 to 21 March

Thankfully, my wife made it back to Okinawa on Saturday night. She's glad to be "home," and I'm glad she's here. I think that my kids were growing weary of my cooking, if you can really call it that. My greatest culinary success was probably the night I went to Taco Bell.

My son had two track meets this week. On Friday he ran the 3,000 meter, and Saturday morning he ran the 1,500 and the 800. He did well in all three events. He wasn't first, but he wasn't last. He worked hard, and he improved over his times from last week. It's good to see him getting better.

We had a power outage at work, and I had to move my class to the officer's club for the morning. We set up a projector and screen, and I used my laptop to give a presentation on, of all things, public speaking. By the time I was done with my presentation, it was PT time. Big, big fun.

I took this morning off of work to get some administrative tasks accomplished today. With my personnel office being located on an entirely different base than where I work (or live), it creates some logistical hassles when it comes time to handle such things as travel claims or pay problems. I guess there is a silver lining though: I get to have lunch with my wife today.

How was your week?


Gary said...

Sorry to be UA for a couple of weeks. I hope everything is ok with your pretteir half's family. Was talking to sis yesterday and she seems to be excelling in her endeavors as a 'bad guy catcher.'


kris said...

I was thinking the other day what an opportunity it is for (your) kids to do a tour or two of the Rock.

I was especially thinking of the quality of schooling I received at Kubasaki. In my day, at any rate, they had loads of resources and it was like being at a college in many ways.

Mind you, I don't think I can say I enjoyed it as much when I was there - but I look back and do appreciate the opportunity.

I see now they have several middle-schools too.

I can't remember the name of my middle-school, but I do recall it being in a quonset hut. I know that sounds like WWII provisions, but I promise you, I'm not that old!

Just John said...

Gary: Glad to see you "back."
Kris: I agree about the opportunity that being here represents. I hope they look back on this time with fond memories, or at least with an appreciation of the experience. I think the DOD schools here still provide a top-shelf education.