Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Somber Anniversary on 9-11

I'm at a loss as to what I could possibly say on this anniversary of one of our nation's dark moments.  I'm sure there will be plenty of "remember when" moments over this.

I have a few more questions to add to the many: Where is the outrage when December 7th rolls around?  Is there less outrage because the sneak attack was directed, mostly, toward military targets?  Is there less outrage because a lack of current memory has dimmed the vile spirit of the attack?  Do our citizens not care because most media outlets don't tell them to?  

On this anniversary of the largest attack on our nation's homeland since 1941, I haven't lost my anger over the one that happened before my birth.   I doubt that I'll lose my anger over the newer attack, despite what hollyweird and news outlets tell me to do.

This is not an occasion for celebration, but it is an important day.  Where are those flags that were flying on almost every house nine years ago?  Put 'em back up!


Miss Em said...


Most of this Country's young people don't know about Dec. 7, 1941 because the schools don't teach American History[the way we were taught in the 50's and 60's and parts of the 70's] any more they teach world social studies.
If they see/hear anything about WWII its in a movie or in a documemtary on TV.
If a grand-Father speeks of his part in WWII, does it get listen to by them or sneered at?

I've even heard that when Dec. 7th is spoken about some young twit will ask, "Well, what's so important about what happen today?" and "Oh, that was so long ago why should we be worried about it now?"

What is not remembered is repeated?

As for MY FLAG, its been flying out side my home every since I got my hands on one [Sept. 15th] after the stores near me could restock.
And now I also have a 3x5 flag flying from my perg-a-la.
[Am thinking about having one painted on my garage door because the cloth one would get caught in the joints when it closes.]

I have NOT forgotten either one.
Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Bushwack said...

I think the reason Dec 7th doesn't get the attention it deserves anymore is: America actually FOUGHT a war then. We actually fought to WIN. Our entire nation went to war over that attack.

NOW, on Sept 12th 2001, Our nation came together and we were united until the first bomb fell, then it didn't take long for the lefty media machine to start dissecting the reasons. From Bush did it, to we were at war with islam.

The real reason the two aren't mutually remembered is political correctness hadn't destroyed our nation when Pearl Harbor was attacked.