Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week in Review October 2nd

This past week was pretty routine, but I need to remind myself that what I find routine, others may (for some strange reason) find interesting.  I think it's, perhaps, because I'm a little strange that others may find my goings on interesting.  In the past, people would politely refer to that sort of strangeness as being "eccentric."  Oh well, such is life.

I'm currently training for a half marathon that I will run later this month.  I know I could go out and run the 13.1 miles, but I also know that if I train for it, I'll do much better and not find it unpleasant.  I'm enjoying spending more hours on the road, since I find running to be one of the most peaceful things that I can possibly do.  When I'm running, my phone will not ring, nobody will walk into my office to ask a stupid question, no idiot driver will pull out in front of my vehicle, etc.  With Fridays being my "long run day," I put another 12 miles on my running shoes to start the last workday of the week.

I finished reading a book titled Tai-Pan, by James Clavell.  I highly recommend it.  Clavell is the author of Shogun, which was wildly popular in the past, and is still a great read. Tai-Pan is based on the history of Hong Kong, and the settlement there of English traders and colonists.   I read Shogun some while back, and wanted to read Clavell's other works.  The amount of research that he did for his novels is impressive.

My son went to his school's homecoming game last night, and he's heading to the dance tonight.  I know that at least one of my occasional readers also lists Kubasaki High School as their alma mater. I wonder how much it has changed since then. 

After dropping our son off at the dance, my wife, daughter and I are going to dinner at a place called Sauce Live.  We've sampled the food there before and find it quite tasty.  Good barbecue with some Southern sides makes for a pleasant meal.  

The above picture is unrelated, but I thought it was amusing, albeit a little sad.  How was your week?


MorningGlory said...

It's great to hear from you, Gunny! I will definitely check out the Clavell novel; it sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Have you ever read Michener's "Hawaii"? There's a lot of Asian history/culture there if that's what interests you. I highly recommend it (as well as pretty much anything by Michener).


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Hope your son had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I had to take a second look at that de-motivational poster. At first I thought the dude was wearing a flak vest or body armor.
On second thought, all that layer of blubber could stop any standard small-arms round anyway.

B Woodman