Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Adventure Begins

Do the engineers and such that design airports go out of their way to make the layout of airports as confusing as possible? Is it a sick, twisted pleasure for them to know that people will experience infinite frustration and anger as a result of their creativity? I'd like to meet the guy or gal that designed the Narita Airport in Tokyo. The clowns that came up with the various signs and markings there could stand a visit with me as well.

After a very long, tiring, stinky, and otherwise "interesting" journey, I have arrived safely here in Dumfries, Virginia. Quantico is right down the road "a piece" and I'll be hitting the Marine Corps Museum there tomorrow. I'll also be finding the nearest Walmart, for fear of my wife castrating me upon my return. She even sent me with one of the wrappers from her favorite type of yarn so that I could more easily locate it there. I'm telling you, Walmart could make a KILLING in Okinawa from my wife alone.

Anyway, my prediction was true; I sat next to the most annoying person on the entire plane during my longest leg from Tokyo to D.C. He also had some serious personal hygiene issues. I think I can still smell his b.o. in my clothes...or maybe that's me (24 hours of traveling can do that to you). I had just fallen asleep on the plane when he began to snore. When I say that he began to snore, it's more like he began to rumble. It was the type of low frequency, rumbling snoring that would rattle the roof of a small home. To add a little more fun to the equation, he farted so loudly that I thought the pilots in the front of the plane must have heard it. What a dream date he was...I accidentally spilled my orange juice on him, and felt absolutely horrible about it. If you believe that, I've got a bridge that I'll sell you.

Aside from the bundle of joy seated next to me, and the nightmare of navigating Narita Airport at rush hour, it was a great trip. I got in to D.C. on time, got my rental car easily, and missed some of the D.C. rush hour traffic.

I'll hit the road tomorrow on my Walmart/site-seeing adventures, and update after that. Alas, pictures will have to wait until I return to Okinawa, as I don't have the right card reader with me to load the pics to my laptop.

Until then, don't eat high fiber foods when you fly.

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