Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Rainy Season

Apparently, we're now in the "rainy season" here in Okinawa. I had thought that all year long is the rainy season (it rains a LOT here). Last year, during the month of June, it seemed to rain for about three weeks straight. I think we got about 30 inches during a three week period.

It's also typhoon season! Yay! Typhoons are nifty. They're the same thing as hurricanes; they simply form in a different region of the world. Typhoons here in Okinawa are treated completely differently than the hurricanes in the states. Okinawa is very well suited for surviving typhoons. Drainage is excellent, almost every building (including homes) is steel reinforced concrete, and the populace is well versed in the simple things (stock up on food and water year 'round). ) Shame that the folks in "Nawlins" can't seem to take a few lessons from Okinawa (living on the Gulf coast, below sea level...you do the math).

Typhoons usually result in everyone having a big party. We stock up on beer, propane, and ice. Here in "the towers," it's unique. We can go from floor to floor, and visit all of our friends and neighbors. It's big, big fun.

I'm not looking forward to the cable outages, but the radio is always an option. Since I have ADSL, and the phone lines never go out here, I'll have internet. The power lines are almost all underground, so that will remain in place. Should be a good time, since the "authorities" are predicting a particularly "active" typhoon season this year.

Being on the ninth floor will give me an excellent view of the carnage. Cars don't fair well during powerful typhoons. I'll get to watch my van get pushed into a corner of the parking lot. Joy! No worries; cars can be fixed, and watching the action is fun.

My squadron of paper airplanes is being prepared...

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