Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On The Road Again

This weekend I'll be flying to the states for a conference in Virginia. While a taste of home is always nice, I despise the long flight, layovers in Tokyo, and trying to adjust to the 13 hour time difference.

In addition, since it's only a two day conference, I'll be spending just as much time traveling as I will spend at the event itself. It takes right around 24 hours to get from Okinawa to the east coast of the U.S. I also have to find my way to the correct bus in Tokyo to travel from one airport to another. Since I booked my flight so close to game day, there were no direct flights available to Narita Airport.

I'll have my trusty laptop with me, so I should be able to write about my mundane adventures while I'm en route.

I'm also not looking forward to dealing with the D.C. traffic upon arrival (and departure). The "beltway" is always a mess, and there seems to be something in the water there that causes people to drive like idiots. What should be a 45 minute drive from the airport will probably take a couple of hours. Oh well, no real tragedy, just a bit of annoyance.

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