Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year?

Happy New Year to everyone that stumbles across this little speed bump.

Here's some random thoughts and questions that trickled through my mind today:

-What causes an otherwise well-behaved dog to go outside, piss in the yard, and then come in the house and take a crap on the carpet?

-Do cell phones cause stupidity? I'm convinced that they do. Drivers' behavior certainly indicates such.

-Broccoli is awesome. It's like eating a little tree.

-Windows Vista is okay...unless you like to have some RAM freed up for your own use.

-Military post offices suck donkey balls. It's not a question of WHEN your letter will "get there," it's a question of IF it will get there. Russian Roulette anyone?

-Fujikura makes kick-ass shafts for drivers. (Gawfer knows what I'm talking about).

-Ants are sneaky little bastards. I'm thinking about trying fire next.

-Safety tip: If you're eating a whole heap of food from Taco Bell, and you get full, STOP EATING. You'll thank me in the morning.

Have a great 2008 (did that rhyme?), and I'll share more of my infinite wisdom later.

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