Monday, January 7, 2008

Today's Observations and Musings

-Cell Phone Warning: Apparently, if you talk on your cell phone while it is plugged into its A/C charger, it can fry your ass. This recent safety message (I think I saw it on CBS, of all places) will go unheeded, if the safety message about driving while yammering on the things is any indication.

-Ben Franklin said that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I think that Yuengling is the embodiment of that mantra. My friend brought me a six pack of it from PA, and I am in his debt. I developed a fondness for that particular brand when I went to MD for a month. Mmmmmm...Yuengling.

-I'm just good enough at golf to get pissed off about it. I'm also just good enough to have that one shot each round that keeps me coming back...ahhh, the 220 yard approach on the par 5 16th on Sunday...

-I really need to start doing a crappier job at work. I seem to be getting tasked with more and more projects every day. Perhaps if I start screwing them up, I won't get tasked with as much...kidding; I'm just a busy guy, not a slacker.

-Don't ever piss off the garbage men. My neighbor once did, and he got interesting surprises on his porch for months. There's just certain people that you shouldn't piss off. Pissing off the waitress, or cook, before you get your food in an eatery is probably a bad idea too (might increase the saliva content in your food).

-If the cops are chasing you, just stop. By the time that they're chasing you, your plan for world domination has crumbled, and you're just another idiot that's going to be on video getting an ass whoopin'.

-I'm fed up with snooty gals that think that carrying a rodent, that they call a dog, in their purse makes them "high class." I have no use for those little rodent-dogs, unless I can stuff one in a jalapeno with a bit of cheese and deep fry it. I'm kidding; I'd never do anything of the sort...I've probably exceeded my max intake of dog here in Japan.

-The stereotype about Asian drivers might be true; just imagine being stuck on an island where you are surrounded by them. Food for thought.

Until next time, avoid toasting bread in the bathtub.

Semper Fi,


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