Sunday, January 15, 2012

Comments on Marines Urinating on Taliban Bodies

I watched the video that allegedly shows Marines urinating on dead Taliban bodies.  My initial reaction was, "You guys are idiots; I can't believe you filmed that crap."  What those Marines did was wrong, but the words "mountain" and "mole hill" come to mind right now.    The incident is being investigated, and those responsible will be punished accordingly. 

The emotion-based condemnation of these Marines is off the mark.  Representative Allen West weighed in and I agree with him on a couple of points (article here).  He initially states in his letter that what the Marines did was wrong; I agree with that.  He also points out that there is a double standard in the media (and D.C.) by asking where all of the outrage was when American bodies were mutilated by our enemies; I agree with him on that, but I don't believe that the blatant media bias in any way lessens what has been done. 

What do I think should be done about the incident?  First off, let me say that the actions of these Marines is not in keeping with the high standards that we set for members of our Corps.  Beyond that, I say let their command handle the situation with appropriate punishment and let's get our eye back on the ball.  

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Dan O. said...

Ooh-RAH, John. (am I allowed to say that even though I was Navy? ;) )

NJP at worse. Lose a stripe and couple months pay. And take away the fucking video cameras.