Friday, January 27, 2012

Defense Cuts: Military Retirees In the Crosshairs Again

As our military faces deep, possibly crippling cuts, those that have spent the better part of their adult lives serving our nation are, once again, being targeted.

SecDef Leon Panetta outlined his plan for saving dollars and many are concerned that it will adversely affect our defense capabilities and readiness.  He centered on the fact that draw-downs would  keep our forces above pre-9/11 levels, but not by much.

In addition, "the Pentagon recommended an increase in health care fees, co-pays and deductibles for retired military members."  Really?  I'm sure that a few stuffed suits will argue that this is smart business because it won't have any effect on readiness.  I disagree, and here's why:  Retirement benefits are incentives that directly affect long term retention of quality personnel.  If retention suffers, readiness will suffer. Get it?

It's not rocket science, but this sort of thing sure seems to be beyond the grasp of those holding the purse strings.
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