Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wikipedia to Go Dark. Who Cares?

I came across an article that informed me of Wikipedia's intent to "blackout" for a day in protest of some pending asinine legislation that many search engines and online providers of various media are in opposition to.  To this announcement I say, "Well then, I guess lazy students and bloggers everywhere will have to use real references and sources for a day!"  (article here)  Perhaps I'm missing out on the significance of this event, but I think the sun will still rise tomorrow without this glorified social media site being up and running.  Well, there could be some entertainment value to this; we'll see...

UPDATE: It seems that our elected tormentors have had a brief moment of clarity and have abandoned (for now) their efforts to pass idiotic and freedom-stomping SOPA legislation (article here). I do, however, doubt that Wikipedia is the source of this rare dose of common sense.  There are far better ways to get the word out than by adopting an "I'll show you!  I'll take my ball and go home!" approach.  Other, more realistically managed websites simply encouraged patrons to contact their legislators.  THAT is what got the attention of our slimy politicians.  Hollyweird's tantrums bore no fruit...this time.  

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